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für Trans-Ocean Mitglieder!!!!


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yachting express service!
Kusadasi - Turkey

Tour & Guiding Services

We provide exclusive Tours & Tour Guiding Services with the best technical equipment of Group Guiding Systems.

We are creative about Tour Organizing and so you will profit from our ideas by
having lots of fun and authentic times!
How about Climbing, Surfing or a small tour by riding a horse, or would you like to
experience some real turkish village life-style?
Contact and talk to us. We will be happy to prepare your trip with you together!


Conditions: Round Trip by Car, up to 4 Persons, 4-6 hours Stay
Tour Place Price As Tour Package Price / Driving Time
Ephesus€ 50.-Ephesus-Virgin Mary House Package€ 65.-
Virgin Mary House€ 60.-each direction takes: 1 h
Miletos€ 70.-Miletos-Didyma Package€ 85.-
Didyma€ 85.-each direction takes: 1,5 h
Aphrodisias€ 150.-Aphrodisias-Pamukkale Package€ 215.-
Pamukkale€ 170.-each direction takes: 3 h
If required we provide you with a top Guide for € 40.- For an Amount of 5-11 persons please
count a surplus of € 25.- driving in a Mini-Van. Entrence fee is not included in the price.


TRANS-OCEAN Stützpunkt in
D-Marin Kusadasi Türkei

Bis zu 15% Rabatt für Trans-Ocean Mitglieder!!!!

Stützpunktleiter: Tuncay Acar
Call on WhatsApp +90 533 625 50 46


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