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für Trans-Ocean Mitglieder!!!!


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yachting express service!
Kusadasi - Turkey

Yacht Miscellaneus Services

You are welcome to ask for any kind of help. We are happy to answer your questions and to give you recommendations.
Our team is internationally experienced and lived in different countries and knows about mentalities, requirements
and habits of different life-styles.

Here are some examples of our general miscellaneous services:

· Language and Communication Help
· Tool Organization
· Itinerary
· Hotel Reservation and Accommodation
· Freight Handling
· Onboard Entertaining
· Party-Service & Catering
· Watersports, Diving, Schooling

We organize and coordinate also:

· Airport Transfer
· Rent A Car
· Tour & Tourguiding Services
· Yacht-Transfer
· Yacht Transport
· Yacht Skipper Service
· Miscellaneus-Services


TRANS-OCEAN Stützpunkt in
D-Marin Kusadasi Türkei

Bis zu 15% Rabatt für Trans-Ocean Mitglieder!!!!

Stützpunktleiter: Tuncay Acar
Call on WhatsApp +90 533 625 50 46


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